Sunday, 24 May 2009

Back from holiday

Holidays are funny things, I always come back in an odd mood. Even before having the children I found holidays a rather 2 edged sword. They're supposed to be the most relaxing and fun thing ever but I've always found them also unsettling and stressful. I'm not a good traveller and the best holidays I've had have been close to home. Adding children to the mix gives them a whole new dimension. My daughter also finds holidays equally as stressful as exciting and managing her moods and needs is a full-time job in itself. However, my mum and dad did sterling work in having the kids in their caravan quite a bit, as well as helping us dig extensive earthworks on the beach, so we did manage some relaxation and couple alone time.
Even on a self-catering holiday there many compromises to make - we were unable to compost any food waste which felt really unnatural and wasteful; the kitchen was fully equipped with expensive coffe machines and smoothie makers but lacked many really basic items such as roasting tins, cake tins, mixing bowls etc which made it impossible to make bread or cakes, or things such as yorkshire puddings and even roast potatoes. This limited our food choices quite drastically and felt quite stressful as I tried to make healthy and ethical choices for meals for us all, and still ended up with chips more often than we'd had in the previous whole month put together. On the other hand, as it was a small village, we were able to shop for fresh food from local greengrocers and bakeries each day.
The weather was changeable but the children enjoyed digging on the beach every day whether it was in swimming costumes or cagoules. I watched as they played endless digging and building games, with my parents also totally absorbed and thought, yes, this is how I want things to be.
And, as always, I've come up with a list of things to change when we got back - some to help preserve that more relaxing holiday mood, and some which getting a bit of distance from our everyday life helped me to see:
  • get steel water canteens rather than re-using plastic bottles (already ordered).
  • stop feeling I have to rush everywhere.
  • look into making my own crackers.
  • get veg and fruit from the farmer's market every month.
  • properly throw myself into organising our home ed group.
  • tend the allotment more often.
  • stop stressing about money so much and trust things will work out.
  • take the children to stay with my parents more often.
  • look into camping weekends.
  • stop feeling guilty about everything!
  • de-clutter.


Joxy said...

welcome back

bethnoir said...

Glad you had a good holiday, beach activities sound lovely. If you find a way to stop worrying about money and things please share it. I'd love to find my stop worrying switch!

Cave Mother said...

This is interesting. I posted something quite similar last week, having just got back from a weekend in a caravan. The "stop rushing about" bit I particularly relate to. It can be very difficult to stick to the resolutions we make after getting back from time away - I hope you manage to.

Laura said...

Welcome back. Got your email and will reply soon (i hope - Phoebe's sleep ahs been quite chaotic). Glad you had a nice time. Think we need to make crackers too. they are Phoebe's favourite thing at the moment. xx

Liz said...

I'm experimenting with a few recipes for crackers this week, so I'll let you know the successful ones!

Missy 'Lou' said...

Welcome Back!!! Can't wait to see you all.
I know all too well that 'decompress' thing from holidays, not to mention I'm a 'daily rituals' sort of person and I know it will get jostled.
We are suppose to go camping for a week in Tintagel in July, and each time Graham says 'we may not be able to afford it', I actually get excited! (sigh)


Elizabeth said...

I haven't made any myself--but have you thought about making oatcakes? We use those all the time.

I feel the same way about the holidays--so I try to plan lots of day trips or long weekends. I'm not very good away from my 'normal' life! We do tend to eat more pasta and egg dishes when we do stay someplace--quick, simple and they usually have the required pans.

Jax said...

love camping - it is a different pace of life :)