Sunday, 31 May 2009


Me and my husband have just been to the cinema on our own, alone! Yes, my mother-in-law has the children and we went to see Star Trek on the big screen. And wow! Firstly, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy going to the cinema - the big screen, the slightly-too-loud volume, the rustling with smuggled-in food in your lap, and the sheer spectacle of the whole thing.
Secondly, the expense! When the cashier told me how much it was for our 2 tickets I almost said 'but surely, my good man you have made a mistake, I merely want to see the film, not buy the whole cinema'. Thankfully, I managed to bite my tongue so only the merest squeak escaped.
And thirdly, what a good film. I really, thoroughly enjoyed it. Zachary Quinto was a fantastic Spock, much better than I'd imagined he would be. Spock has always been my favourite Star Trek character anyway, and this film showed his more human side, and his youthful impetuosity. I loved all the nods to previous films in it, and thought the cast had captured the spirit of the original characters whilst also enabling the whole franchise to move on.
Once upon a time I used to go to the cinema a lot, nowadays, I don't get the time, and we certainly don't have the money, but I'm not going to forget how much I enjoy it. Roll on July when the next Harry Potter film is released and I shall be pressing my mother-in-law into service once more (not that any pressing is actually required as she loves having the kids and they love going to her), and dusting off our credit card.


bethnoir said...

cool! I go to the cinema quite a lot, but mostly to see cheap priced children's films. I'm really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it.

Becky said...

Ah, child-free cinema visits - is there any higher a wonder for us parents?

Carolyn said...

Fab...wish we had a MIL or a M to do that. We escaped a little while ago (our thanks go to Tom) to do just the same thing.....I love it but find it so loud and i getting old?!!!

Liz said...

I'm sure films are louder than they used to be. At least we're not going deaf!

Missy 'Lou' said...

So what film did you see?

(((heh-heh..just kidding. glad you enjoyed it! )))

arwen_tiw said...

Yes, yes, yes, in total agreement (on Spock, on the film, on the pleasures of the cinema especially after a long break)!

We saw it a couple of weeks ago with Rowan asleep in my lap - was expecting funny looks about taking the baby in but, the wonders of babywearing, nobody realised I *had* a baby with me... ;)