Thursday, 29 July 2010

Coming up to Lammas

And this year I'm feeling much more connected to this special time of year. Due to such a late spring, my own garden harvest is more in tune, time-wise, with the wheat harvest, so they chime together this year. Also, I feel I am progressing along my spiritual path so much more than last year. I've made a lot of changes, met some people (coincidentally?), started some spiritual studying, been meditating much more regularly and deeply, and started studying and practising journeying.

Looking at our lives in the year since the previous harvest, I wonder what we'll be harvesting, in a personal sense, this year? There is a general sense of plans long laid finally coming to fruition, what with my husband's new job really taking off and me finishing my life coaching course and finally starting to set up my practice. When you add in my son finally self-weaning and the the whole feeling of 'moving on a phase' in the area of child-rearing, things are exciting and scary as changes are happening.

So, we'll be making our Lammas loaf with love this weekend, and I now have a group celebration to go to as well the following weekend, which I'm also looking forward to. There is balance. For now.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


After the devastating events in the Gulf of Mexico recently, you'd think people would be extra careul there with oil, wouldn't you? Well, actually, no. It seems that a boat knocked the top of a shallow-water well-head only today! Which made me wonder what else is going on that is only reported very quietly, or not at all?

Obviously, there is the Chinese oil spill which may or may not have been contained now, depending on which news you read. And which has not been reported with anything like the excitement of the Gulf of Mexico one.

Then there was an 8 day spill into the Red Sea last month which didn't seem to be reported in the major news outlets at all.

Plus spills in Salt Lake City, Singapore, Great Keppel Island in Australia, Port Arthur in Texas, and the Yellow River in China - and that's just in 2010. People seem to be mighty careless with this increasingly precious resource - and that's just the oil, as to how they treat the enviornment it leaks into, that's nothing short of criminal. And yet there don't seem to be criminal charges pending as a result of any of these spills, to my knowledge.

Is it only me who finds this very disquieting?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sudden Oak Death

Felling of thousands of trees has started due to Sudden Oak Death, a disease also known as Phytophthora ramorum which was first discovered in California in 1995 and has now spread to Europe. Despite its name, it doesn't only infect oaks, and in fact it started in Japanese larches in the UK. It is hoped that by felling trees around known areas of infection, the spread can be halted. There are now 40 sites of suspected infection in Devon and Cornwall and the disease has also been found in Wales and East Anglia. Landowners and tree-lovers are asked to be vigilant and report signs of infection.

Pagans, nature-lovers and anyone who has a morsel of decent feeling should be deeply concerned about this, and other recent outbreaks of diseases affecting our native trees.

New henge found

You wait for a henge for 2000 years and then 2 come along at once! Archaeologists have found a new henge only 900m from Stonehenge. It was discovered as part of a new 3 year survey of the whole area around Stonehenge and the scientists involved are confident that other huge discoveries will be made before the time is up. This new survey could throw new light on the meaning and use of henges in the area, and indeed around Britain for that matter.