Thursday, 29 July 2010

Coming up to Lammas

And this year I'm feeling much more connected to this special time of year. Due to such a late spring, my own garden harvest is more in tune, time-wise, with the wheat harvest, so they chime together this year. Also, I feel I am progressing along my spiritual path so much more than last year. I've made a lot of changes, met some people (coincidentally?), started some spiritual studying, been meditating much more regularly and deeply, and started studying and practising journeying.

Looking at our lives in the year since the previous harvest, I wonder what we'll be harvesting, in a personal sense, this year? There is a general sense of plans long laid finally coming to fruition, what with my husband's new job really taking off and me finishing my life coaching course and finally starting to set up my practice. When you add in my son finally self-weaning and the the whole feeling of 'moving on a phase' in the area of child-rearing, things are exciting and scary as changes are happening.

So, we'll be making our Lammas loaf with love this weekend, and I now have a group celebration to go to as well the following weekend, which I'm also looking forward to. There is balance. For now.


bethnoir said...

Enjoy your Lammas bread and the festival. Good to read your posts again :-)

Becks said...

Lovely to hear that you are feeling so positive again.