Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sudden Oak Death

Felling of thousands of trees has started due to Sudden Oak Death, a disease also known as Phytophthora ramorum which was first discovered in California in 1995 and has now spread to Europe. Despite its name, it doesn't only infect oaks, and in fact it started in Japanese larches in the UK. It is hoped that by felling trees around known areas of infection, the spread can be halted. There are now 40 sites of suspected infection in Devon and Cornwall and the disease has also been found in Wales and East Anglia. Landowners and tree-lovers are asked to be vigilant and report signs of infection.

Pagans, nature-lovers and anyone who has a morsel of decent feeling should be deeply concerned about this, and other recent outbreaks of diseases affecting our native trees.


Joxy said...

Does that mean they are felling thousand of diseased trees or healthy trees? Cos surely felling healthy trees is nonsensical? Not to mention deeply damaging to the environment.

Liz said...

As far as I can make out from the reports, most of the trees they're felling are diseased but they're trying to make a 'firebreak' in the spread of the disease by felling some healthy ones around infected areas too.

Missy 'Lou' said...

We had this happen back in Louisiana to our Pine Trees, with a pesky Pine Beetle. was traumatic to see so many of beautiful trees die.
Thanks for sharing this info about the oaks...will spread the word.