Sunday, 24 May 2009

Recipes wanted!

Has anyone got any recipes for making crackers (or can point me to some online, UK not US measurements) - all kinds - cream crackers, butter puffs as well as posh ones with seeds and garlic and stuff in. The kids are really into crackers right now and I want to make my own, but I just can't find any recipes!

Also, does anyone know how to make rich tea biscuits? The only recipes for rich teas I can find online are referring to a more traditional cakey-style of rich tea, not the hard kind you get in shops which is what I'm after.



bethnoir said...

my usually reliable Good Housekeeping cookery book (from 1971) only has a recipe for cheese straws, which we do use and is very yummy, no other savoury biscuit recipes at all. Sorry!

Joxy said...

yeah I have some iin my delia and nigella cook books; I'll pm you later, I'm too tired at the moment.