Sunday, 19 April 2009


My meditations and dreams seem to have been connected with water a lot recently which is unsual for me. I'm not really someone who feels that comfortable in water, although I was brought up near a river and do love to sit by the sea and find watching water soothing. But in the meditations, I have been working underwater, or protecting a spring buried deep inside a wood or even in the middle of a house. I'm presuming this image, for me, refers to the 'flow' of life, in a Taoist kind of way, and is pointing me towards trying to find and go with this flow in my current situation.

I'm finding it particularly odd as Beltaine is coming up and everything usually feels very earthy for me at this time of year. Has anyone else had any unusual or persistent water-related dreams? Any thoughts or insights?


willow81 said...

Water can often represent the unconscious or emotional world, so it would make sense if you've been "working" on an emotional level. In my dreams water is often out of control, like a tidal wave, I suspect because in my conscious world I am often too emotionally controlled. How do you feel in the dreams? xx

Liz said...

I'm calm in the dreams - the water certainly isn't frightening or out of control in any way. It sounds likely that the water represents my emotions as I have been working on 'finding my passion', trying to work out what kind of job I'm drawn to. Or maybe my inspiration/creativity (which are emotionally-related)? So the dreams where I'm just working in an everyday way but underwater, could be showing that I need to incorporate my desires/needs/wants/passions into my everyday life in some way. Or maybe that I need to seek for them in my everyday life?
And the one where I'm protecting the spring, I feel represents my inspiration. And the message could be that I need to protect and nurture it. Give it some time and space to mature, and then I'll learn what I'm looking for.
Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this? I don't think so though as I have been consciously trying to meditate on this topic to stimulate my subconscious to come up with stuff.

Elizabeth said...

That all seems so interesting--I've never really evaluated my dreams before. Can I ask a question about dreams?

What does it mean if someone dreams in recurring settings? I always dream of 2 houses-which I'm sure I've never been in. Does it mean something? I'm not always 'lving' in them in the dreams--but seem to be exploring a warren of rooms--which I like. These houses have been cropping up for years and years now--always the same two, with a few variations.

Liz said...

I think houses often represent the home or the innermost aspects of the mind. It's very personal to you though - it's your subconscious sorting out images or trying to communicate something to you.
To try and understand the message, you need to think about what that house means to you - how do you feel in the dream, when do you dream about it? Think of some words to describe it - just let the words come, the first ones you think of. Often when you meditate on it, you start to realise what images symbolise for you.
Of course, sometimes it's just rubbish - what you've seen or read or heard that day, but recurring dreams are often meaningful I have found.

bethnoir said...

The way water is being represented in your dreams sounds quite positive, so I don't think it's a bad thing. I haven't had any water dreams, but I did have a lovely one about brushing a man's long hair last night :-)