Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Green fingers

Lots of work done at the allotment and in the garden today. The allotment now has loads of over-wintering onions, 6 Jersualem artichokes, plus 3kg of early potatoes, several rows of carrots and 3kg of maincrop potatoes. We'll need to remove the tarpaulin that's been covering part of the plot since the autumn, see what's underneath and then prepare it so we can plant the late maincrop potatoes, more carrots, leeks, parsnips and anything else I think of at the time!
In the back garden, we've extended the strawberry patch so the runners can spread further and make lots more plants, planted lots of peas, and weeded the herbs, raspberries and blueberry bush. The children have also planted lots of different old flower seeds into pots to see what comes up, and I'm tending to 2 courgette plants in pots and awaiting some cucumber, French bean and tomato plants to start in pots.
So, all in all, a very green-fingered day - well, hopefully! I have to say I'm not really a natural or a very technical gardener. If I had to describe my approach it would be: just bung it in and hope for the best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What the hell! At least the children enjoyed the planting today and it was lovely to be out in the sunshine. And hopefully some lovely, organic, home-grown food in a few months.


Cave Mother said...

Lovely to have such a productive day and you obviously feel a nice sense of achievement after all that. Puts our three rows of beans and lettuces to shame. Maybe you will inspire me to devote more of the garden to veg next year!

bethnoir said...

so gardening goddess, do you think it's too early to put out my cucumber plants? I'm worried about frost. Your planting sounds wonderful :-)

Elizabeth said...

That's pretty much my approach as well! I think it's mostly based on the fact that I haven't really got a clue as to what I'm doing-but love the process of doing it!

Liz said...

Yep, I also don't have a clue! Though I am learning through trial and error (mainly error).
Beth, I would reckon it's probably a little early to put out your cucumber plants, especially if they've been reared inside. Have you got a 'halfway house' like a mini greenshouse, or some cloches that could keep them warm?

bethnoir said...

Well, I have a little portable cloche which keep blowing over, but I think I might use an old lemonade bottle turned upside down. I'm also a put it in and see gardener but I think I'm too optimistic about the weather, so thanks for your note of caution :-)