Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Beltane activities

Our week of Beltane activities has so far included gardening, baking, a trip to the allotment, and yesterday a trip out to a local beauty spot, which was fantastic. There was wild garlic everywhere which smelled gorgeous and looked lovely with its flowers out. The May was already out on the most of the Hawthorn we passed, so Beltane is well and truly here. We took out picnic and ate it on the top of the hill in the sunshine (though it was a bit breezy) and I just thought 'this is it, this is why we do things the way we do'. For a short time, me and my son and daughter were totally in tune with each other and our surroundings, enjoying the beauty and the green-ness of nature. Here's a couple of shots:

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bethnoir said...

that looks lovely, glad you had a good picnic :-)