Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Feeling out of place

Been to LLL again today and I'm still wondering, even more than before, if this is really the right place for us at the moment. I feel out of place there. Obviously, I'm not the only one there with older children but I am the only one there with *only* older children and no intention of having any more either, so I'm feeling rather out of step with everyone else there. Obviously, things at LLL tend to be rather baby-focused, and although it's nice not to feel odd for feeding a 3.5 year old, the issues are rather different when you're feeding a child rather than a baby.

Obviously, you can be friends with people whose children are not the same age as your own but I think that most new mums are not really thinking of making new friends, unless they are with people who are in the same kind stage of babyness as them. And I can't even talk about school things either.

It's not that people aren't friendly, they are - it's just that I can't really se the kind of chatty friendliness that it is turning into actual friendships away from the LLL meetings.

I'm starting to feel that this is never going to happen - meeting someone fairly like-minded, fairly local and who is actually interested in being friends with or without the children.


Joxy said...

Have you thought of joining any of the yahoo groups for Home Educators - there is a pagan one too which I'm a member of.

I know what you mean though, I've been isolated for over a year and finally, I've decided to move to be close to my friends. It is hard though, there seems so many of us more "alternative" type parents on the net, but finding us in real life seems a real challenge.

Anyway, good luck hope you find some like minded friends real soon.

Liz said...

Yes, I'm a member of sveral HE yahoo groups, local and national, but not the Pagan one, can you send me a link? Thanks!

Joxy said...


I've just noticed there hasn't been any message since October so I've just sent one asking where everyone is, because it use to be quite a busy group...and one of the ladies does a magazine aimed at kids too, which is really nice.

Joxy said...

Ahhh found it for you.