Thursday, 20 November 2008


Or lack of it. Why is it that just when you think things are settling down, they all fall apart again? I thought I was getting a handle on things, working them out, finding a pattern I was comfortable with and then, whoosh! My husband's job comes to an end in January with no current sign of a replacement (for either of us). The kids catch the worst stomach bug they've ever had and my husband's had it too and we've all been out of action with washing piling up for almost 2 weeks now. And now I feel uncomfortable about everything again. Are we living in the right place? In the right house? How is the job and money situation going to work out? Why does every electrical item we own seem to break so quickly? Why do I not have useful practical skills round the house which could save us money? Where does all the time in a day go?


Carolyn said...

I wondered where you had been!!!Sounds just like what happened to us at the end of September!!! My thoughts are with you.
Hang in there xx

Liz said...

Great to read your updates. So are you still looking to move to Wales? Do you think you can manage long-term on 3 days a week work? Email me!!

bethnoir said...

hope everyone if getting better now. Remember that lack of sleep and worrying about the rest of the family does wear you down and make things look gloomy, soon it will feel more manageable again