Friday, 8 August 2008

Wobbly teeth!

My daughter has her first wobbly tooth! Or teeth actually as both the middle bottom two are wobbly at the same time. I was quite surprised at how emotional I felt on discovering this. It feels like such a big milestone somehow - the start of getting adult teeth. I wasn't really expecting it yet either, though I suppose she got her baby teeth quite early too and she is a tall girl for her age. She's been going on 25 ever since she was born.

I've been dreading this stage - both of my children were absolutely AWFUL with teething as babies and small children. I tried everything from camomile tea, camomile powders, Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders, amber necklaces, cold things to chew on, constant breastfeeding, cranial osteopathy, right through to the dreaded Calgel and Calpol and still there were times when nothing could soothe them and they just screamed. I dreaded every tooth though my daughter tended to do them in batches of 6 which made them worse at the time but at least over relatively quickly in total.

As my daughter is Highly Sensitive and in particular finds pain and blood very difficult to deal with, I had been wondering how she'd deal with the idea. We have talked about it already and read books with wobbly teeth in so she'd know what to expect and it wouldn't be a shock, but sometimes no matter how much we prepare her, the reality of a situation can still overwhelm her completely. So far though she seems sanguine about the wobbliness and I'm just hoping the new teeth when they come through are a bit easier to deal with than the first set were!

And don't even ask me if we're going to do the Tooth Fairy thing, I'm having enough trouble processing it all as it is!


bethnoir said...

we found that grown up teeth were much less traumatic than the first lot, so hopefully you'll have a similar experience. They got colds, but didn't seem to have the same level of discomfort at all.

Losing teeth is a difficult thing to adjust to though (big son was without both front teeth for nearly 3 years and refused to have his photo taken during this time) so the tooth fairy has been employed here to try and soften the blow. Plus I think they should believe in fairies, as I insisted I was one as a child and would not believe I was descended from apes!

Liz said...

You definitely are a fairy, my dear!