Monday, 18 August 2008

A quick panic

Every now and again I have a quick panic that we don't do any structured education. I try to remind myself how much the children learn day to day, but have these occasional flashes of panic that we should all be sitting down for 'school-time' at a set time each day for a specified amount of time. Other autonomous learners out there - please remind me why it is we don't do this and that the kids are learning anyway!!


Becks said...

Hey this niggles me too.
But then I try to recall what my older ones "learnt" at school at this age and I know we are doing the right thing this time.
You're doing a great job, stay strong and secure in that.

Carolyn said...

We all have these moments/hours/days of panic.... I think they get less the longer you have been HEing.
I only have to remind myself of what J was doing in lessons at school....clock watching. So I guess he learnt how to tell the time but that is about it!!!...and D...well he is just starting to read and write and is 8 on Sunday. His 2 plus years in school certainly did him more harm than good.
Sitting my chaps down at the table to schooly work (unless they want to) just serves the purpose of flicking the off switch!!!

Liz said...

Thanks, that makes me feel better. I think it's because I haven't had either of mine in school to compare to.

Carolyn said...

Article in the Guardian today regarding autonomous HE......
I hope that link works.

nocton4 said...

deep breathe and relax .. you know it's right, thats why your doing it.
No need to compare them to anyone else, they are themselves and that is just perfect and they are where they are meant to be.
much love and lots of respect