Monday, 1 February 2010


So, Imbolc tomorrow and, like last year, we had snow this morning. I just can't celebrate Imbolc until I've seen a snow-drop! (Rather than snow, dropping!)

But, despite this, I do feel the stirrings that it might be around the corner. That awful January blankness is starting to lift. Two sunny days are starting to kick that Spring hypermania into gear and list are starting to be made, plans being planned and writing being written.

So, this year, we need to do some dreaming - dreaming of our ideal life, our best life and then planning all the little ways we're going to gradually, very slowly, get to that point.

In an echo of this time last year, my husband's main job finishes in 10 days time, but looking back at where we were last year, we've moved forward so much. He's qualified now and teaching his first classes with the promise of lots more come September and lots of other avenues to pursue for applying for more. So, although his main job is going, he still has some work, so although we'll be back on the JSA, it's not quite the same.

My job is ongoing and I'm over halfway through my course now too. These changes are gradual and have taken real energy, commitment and faith and will continue to do so, but I'm holding on to the fact that so often the universe provides and changes are for the best. I'm also grimly determined that the children will not be given the example of Mummy and Daddy trudging out to work every day and hating what they do. I want the kids to see that work is something you can choose and change. T's something you control, not that controls you. I want to model a different way of relating work and family and money. Some days I worry I'm just modelling how to be very very skint. But, what the hell, I suppose that's a useful lesson too!

So, roll on the snow-drops. I'd love to hear when anyone else sees their first one!


nocton4 said...

i saw my first snow drops last thursday, what a joy

love and care to you xxx

shell said...

Ours have just got the white tips, waiting to open xx

Dawn said...

We have snowdrops flowering (picture on my blog taken yesterday). Spring is definitely on her way.

Evans family said...

Not seen any snow drops, but like you thoughts on modelling job / work thoughts. As I'm currently unemployed it is something that really bothers me too.!
Blessings for Imbolc to you and yours x

bethnoir said...

walking in the woods today we saw loads of snowdrops :-)

Ash, Gina, Mia, Tarka and Willow. said...

Saw our first snow drop today!