Wednesday, 17 February 2010


It is my daughter's 7th birthday today. So, firstly, a couple of pictures. Her birthday cake, lovingly hand-crafted by me (it's a butterfly of course, just in case you can't tell!):

And the felt cakes I made for her as part of her birthday present (the one with pink icing) and my son as an 'unbirthday' present (the blue icing):

Birthdays are a strange thing - stressful and exciting and unsettling in equal measures, even when the birthday is not your own. Of course, the birthday of a child brings to mind thoughts of the pregnancy with that child and of the day they were born. It reminds us of time passing and of how much the child has changed and learned and developed into their own person.

It also makes me think of how much I have learned as a parent since my daughter (my eldest child) was born, and makes me wonder if I could do it all better if I were to do it all over again. Which I am not going to.

And then there's all the social pressure associated with children's birthdays. I'm lucky, as my children are home educated there hasn't been any peer pressure on them to request big, expensive parties with every person in there class and junk food, party bags and lots of consuming of plastic tat. Or maybe it's just their personalities anyway. Either way, it's been lovely to have a relaxing but fun day with visits by various grandparents, uncles and aunts throughout the day, a homemade cake with all organic ingredients and no colourings, homemade pizza for tea, and fairly low-key presents, such as books and craft kits.

It's just made me wonder why we have to wait for a birthday or special occasion to gather everyone together. Hmm, one to ponder on. How to get all the family together in a similar relaxed fashion more often?

So, now all there is to do is to pop the wrapping paper into the kids' craft box for re-use in art masterpieces, look forward to my son's 5th birthday in 2.5 weeks, and have an evening in a very weird head-space thinking about birth and pregnancy and fertility and the passage of time and parenting skills.


Devonmama said...

Your birthday cake is lovely, I'll bet it tasted wonderful too :)

Ash, Gina, Mia, Tarka and Willow. said...

What a beautiful cake! Huge happy birthday wishes to your little (big!) girl
Gina x

bethnoir said...

I thought the cake was a ghost bat (we saw a programme about them on CBBC). Not really, very pretty butterfly, did our card arrive?

Liz said...

It did, thank you very much. She got a great haul of cards!

Carolyn said...

I love your cakes!!!Both the edible and inedible ones!
I'm planning a caterpillar cake for Will in a couple of weeks....not made a swiss roll before...eek!!!

Liz said...

I've got to do an aeroplane one in a week for Heath which will involve a swiss roll for the body. They're not too hard really, but they do always crack when I roll them! Cover it up with icing... hides a multitude of sins.