Friday, 20 February 2009

Half term

Now, tell me why it is that half term should have so much impact on us when we home educate? Well, because we can barely go anywhere during half terms due to huge crowds of (often badly behaved) children and their (often equally badly behaved) parents - over-excited, rushed about, exasperated (and that's just the parents!).
At the beginning of each half term I tick off all the things NOT to do during the week - playgrounds in the afternoon, swimming at any time, any children's attraction such as farms, soft play, the library. And definitely never go into the town centre.
I feel so sad for all these children who seem quite bwelidered to be out and about during the day, and also for their parents who don't seem to know what to do with them or how to interact with them.
However, mostly I feel sorry for us as we have a week in which we can't do any of our usual things and it's dull. Roll on the start of school next week!


Carolyn said...

Oh Liz, my sentiments exactly!!! I loathe half term! We live in a close and in half term it can present all sorts of problems....the boys want to play outside but they really don't 'get' this thing which I guess could be called 'playground etiquette'!!!! Name calling, friends one minute and then not the leaves my lot bewildered...Jon just shrugs it off, but David is very different...takes everything very seriously. A very stressful week here too.
You are sounding a little more yourself today though!!! ;-)

Joxy said...

I discovered the "joys" of half term on Thursday when I met up with a couple of mums from my circle to go to Kids Planet.. omg. It was awful, and after "losing" Rye for about 5 minutes because it was so busy and I didn't see him walk past our table.. well I was glad to leave. (had a time limit of 2.5hours, stayed an hour)

Will take him on Monday when it will be much quieter!

bethnoir said...

not all parents with children at school are like that. The children and I spent Tuesday running about on a sparsely populated moor imagining what it would have been like to live in a stone age hut (the remains of which were still visible). Wednesday we listened to birds singing by the river and saw a heron.
I look forward to the holidays and so do the children. I know what you mean about places being crowded though, it does make things more difficult.

Liz said...

Sorry Beth, I know that not all schooled children and parents are like that, just venting frustration! I'm sure it's equally, if not more annoying for you that places are always so crowded in the holidays since that's the only time you lot have to go to them! I suppose it would cause problems for parents whose children are at different schools but I seriously wonder if staggering school holidays might not be the best thing for everyone.

bethnoir said...

Yes, perhaps staggering holidays would be a good idea. Usually where I am is a week different to Cornwall and other authorities, but it seems that everyone was off at the same time on this occasion. We just either get up very early or avoid busy places in holidays. I envy you the empty playgrounds and quiet swimming pools I can never get to! :-)