Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fevers and mastitis

To expand on my rather terse previous post. Having had the most sickly winter we've ever had, ever, it now continues. I haven't got over the last horrible flu-like cold and cough yet but we've all had another one which has scarily involved my daughter just lying inert and asleep with fever for 30 hours straight, interspersed with the odd 5 minutes of 'coming to' and either rambling on about god knows what and maybe hallucinating, or being very distressed. As anyone who has met my daughter knows, she is an 'all or nothing' kind of girl and is very easily distressd about being ill and very hard to care for. She wouldn't be tepid-sponged, refused to give up her duvet despite literally steaming, and wouldn't let Daddy out of her sight. I guess it's a good thing he hasn't got a job yet then!
My son, more used to fevers, decided he'd merely ride them out by being awake all night for 2 nights running, while burrowing into my armpit and feeding for hours at a time which seems to have left me with a blocked duct in my armpit - yes, my bloody armpit! So now I have the cold and cough, on top of my old cold and cough, plus I can't tell if the shivers and fever and from incoming mastitis or just my cold.
This is why I am totally fed up. I am going to watch Pride & Prejudice on DVD now to cheer myself up!


Claire said...

Awww, you have my every sympathy, I feel I could have written your last few posts myself.

We too have all been struck down with horrible feverish illnesses of late. Lots of sleepless nights and M who at three and a half decided he was no longer too keen on 'booby' has suddenly fed so much over the last week that I think my body has gone into shock - I've now got lumpy arm pits and a rampant temperature.

We too haven't celebrated Imbolc as yet because I feel like we're still stuck in the depths of winter. A couple of weeks ago I was sensing little signs but now nothing. H who is coming up eight keeps asking when we can make an Imbolc garden. I haven't got the energy. I wish the wheel would turn so we can move from the fire and throw open the windows and doors!

Hope you are all feeling better soon. It really sucks being unwell and caring for unwell children at the same time ((hugs))

bethnoir said...

You poor things. Hope Pride and Prejudice helped a bit.

Laura said...

Oh Liz - poor you. Really hope that everyone in your house gets better soon.

Phoebe and I both have colds so she is hard to settle and then awake and doing armpit burrowing from about 5 every morning.

Sending you all get better soon vibes.

Laura/Mamoo x

Liz said...

Thanks everyone - Claire, I'm so sorry you're also going through this, but it's also kind of comforting that it's not just us, I had been wondering what on earth we're doing wrong, and feeling really guilty that we're not celebrating the year.
Well, better go back to massaging my poor bumpy armpit!

Carolyn said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering again Liz.
Do you have this glorious sunshine today that we are having? I do hope so....good for the soul xxx

Little Grubs said...

Hope things are better for you guys now. My best wishes across the oceans. x