Tuesday, 17 February 2009

6th birthday!

It's my daughter's 6th birthday today and I can't quite believe how quickly the time has gone. For me and my husband it has been a day of remembering her birth and how she has gone from that small baby into the tall, leggy, intelligent and occasionally infuriating child that we know and love.

This was the cake and alas, I can't take the credit for it, though it was my idea. sadly, I was too ill to do it last week so my mum stepped into the breach.

It has been a busy but enjoyable day and now we have to steel ourselves for the day in 3 weeks when our son turns 4!


sue said...

Happy birthday to your daughter and what a fab cake :) xx

Joxy said...

Aye happy birthday to your little 'un.. and oh that is a great cake! :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your eldest! :)
and congratulations on 6 years (and nine months) of motherhood!

dottyspots said...

Ooooh, the cake looks wonderful! I hope she had a fantastic day!