Monday, 13 October 2008

Oh dear, another whinge

Feeling very low at the moment. Have just spent another weekend flat out, too ill to move, and still not sure what is wrong - migraines, labyrinthitis, a combination, no idea what has triggered it. Got to have some new glasses as I haven't had even a an eye test let alone new glasses for 6 years. Even the computer has a virus and is doing odd things. And the cat has a nasty abcess. All worry, as well as money we can't afford. Just when I think we're getting straight, something else seems to come along and kick us up the bum. I know I should be thinbking positive, but I'm too tired due to being ill and then being got up at 2am by my son who 'just wasn't tired' for 3 and half hours. Well, I was, but of course he wanted company. Surely the week must only be able to get better?


nocton4 said...

oh darling, how awful for you .. sending love & care your way

bethnoir said...

hope everything is getting better now :-)

Liz said...

Thanks guys, the only way is up I think from here!

Becks said...

Oh Liz, a late response but I hope thinks are looking better for you, if not now then very, very soon.