Wednesday, 8 October 2008

An anniversary

Firstly, today is the first day since Friday that I haven't woken up with a vicious headache, and it's such a relief to actually feel vaguely well. Still tired thanks to my son and his amazing 5am starts, but at least not feeling like death. Hooray!

And secondly, it just occurred to me last night that my husband and I have been together 12 years this week! We're not really ones for celebrations of anniversaries but I am quite chuffed and also a bit surprised by this one - it has kind of sneaked up on us. 12 years feels like an achievement, a goodly chunk of time, lending a bit of gravitas to our relationship which is nice as I still often think of him as my boyfriend rather than my husband even though we are sober and grown-up parents nowadays and have been married for 4 years too.


bethnoir said...

It is a great achievement, congratulations and I'm glad to hear that your head is better too :-)

Becks said...

Pleased to hear your headache is gradually subsiding. 12 years is a fantastic acheivement. Congratulations.
It does creep up so fast doesn't it?
best wishes xx