Friday, 31 October 2008

Samhain activities part 2

The children's Samhain poems - this is my daughter's:

The Pumpkins Shine Bright

The lanterns are getting lit,
It gets really dark.
Firework Night is on its way,
The bonfires are lit soon.
The leaves are falling quickly.
People dress up and scare people.

And this is my son's (not quite so seasonal, but very definite):


I like engines,
Especially blue engines.
I like engines a lot,
I like all engines.

So there you have it. Part 3 to follow...

1 comment:

bethnoir said...

lovely poems again. I like the emphatic feel to H's one!
The earlier masks and bats are great too. We carved pumpkins and have lit many candles for the evening.