Sunday, 28 September 2008

Swept along!

I am feeling a bit swept along and out of control of things at the moment which I find very hard to cope with. This always seems to happen at this time of the year when the sluggishness of summer is thrown off as the crispness of the autumn brings everything back into bright focus. But every year I find it difficult, I get anxious and stressed and feel I can't cope or that I'm going to be swept away by events that I can't cope with. It's a horrible feeling and it makes it hard to sleep as I can't switch my brain off and the thoughts just keep swirling round. I wish I could just empty my brain into a jar on the bedside table each night and get some respite from all the thinking which does no good.
Maybe in a few weeks everything will settle down again into a new and better pattern and I'll have the time I need to process new events, but this time of disruption is never easy.


Carolyn said...

What a fanastic way to describe that feeling!! I know exactly what you mean...esp about emptying your thoughts in to a jar!!! I had one of those nights last night. Only slept about 3 hours. Ugh.

bethnoir said...

Hope you feel more in control again soon.

Becks said...

Oh I really dislike that feeling. Many nights I have to consciously tell myself to "stop thinking" and force other random thoughts into my mind, just to stop the drowning feeling.
Hope you lift the haze soon and regain your focus.
Best wishes xx

nocton4 said...

oh yes if only there was a little button to turn everything "off" at bed time.
hoping peace of heart and mind return to you soon.
big love

Little Grubs said...

If you ever manage to find a 'thought jar' please get one for me too! Wishing you peace again soon. x