Wednesday, 17 September 2008

HE and the internet

I'm so glad that I'm home edcuating in the era of the internet, I honestly don't know how people coped before it!
Yesterday, I was asked about cheese-making and off we went to YouTube and found a short educational film about making cheese! How fantastic is that? We have also found similarly fascinating stuff about flamenco dancing, trees, various animals and all kinds of subjects in the past. Obviously books play a big role too, but it is great to be able to see and hear things like music, examples of spoken languages and moving pictures of animals. It makes home edcuation that little bit easier and more accessible.
One tip: always check out the clips on YouTube you are planning to show your kids beforehand (alone) as there is some bizarre and horrible stuff on there too!

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Becks said...

Yes I remember when my olders were young and helping with homework meant trawling down to the library or heaving out the encyclopaedia.
It was so much easier when PC's became more affordable and the entire encyclopaedia Britannica could be stored and used with ease. And now we have the internet...the answer to any question at the touch of a button.
Although there is still fun to be had in a trip to the library and the extra treats along the way ;-)