Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wanting to get active again

So, I find the wheel of life is turning and once again I am wanting to focus more on my spirituality, and share it more with my children now they are old enough to understand. I would love to find a person or two in the local area that I can share my Pagan path with and maybe do the odd eclectic ritual even! Preferably in family-friendly gatherings with children involved.

The trouble is (and all you Pagans out there will really know what I mean here), how to find people who *aren't mad*? I'm very wary of getting involved with any of the big groups, having gone down that route rather less than successfully. The PF don't really have any moots, groups or gathering close by (and I've been to their London Open Rituals lots of times in the past and not really been that impressed) and I'm not getting involved with CoA again. I am too scared to put a note in my local new age shop because that will definitely draw out the nutters.

My faith is not ceremonial, not Wicca, not 'new agey'. My faith is very practical, very down to earth, mainly based in the kitchen and the garden, but I'm feeling the need for some 'outward display' for want of any other term, partly in order to instruct my children in this, the faith of their family.

It would also be great to be able to meditate with other people, whether this be in a shared 'working', or just as individuals practising together.

I'm a bit stumped and hoping that if I put this idea out there in the universe, some link will be made and a sane friend of a friend maybe will become known to me.

Those of you who are Pagan and practise with a group, how did you find your group? I repeat, I'm not Wiccan and I'm not looking for initiation or a coven, just a few like-minded people. I don't particularly wish to teach or be taught, just a kind of sharing as we each wander our own path.

Any ideas?


Liz said...

I'd love the same sort of thing, the local moots say 'all welcome' but they aren't geared up for younger children at all. I did think about using the yahoo groups to invite anyone who was interested in the same sort of thing to chat via a seperate yahoo group first ?

Cave Mother said...

I'm not pagan, but I share your frustration in finding groups of like-minded people who aren't mad. Interest-based groups tend to attract quite narrow, obsessive people (I know this is a terrible generalisation, but you probably know what I mean) and I have never felt obsessive enough about anything to really fit in. I hope you do know what I mean, or this comment is going to sound really awful and prejudiced. Oh well.

Liz said...

I do know what you mean, and the more outside of mainstream the interest is, the more nutters it seems to attract!

Maybe they think I am a nutter? Sigh. Life is complicated.

Laura said...

I wish I was nearer to you!
I have hesitated to label myself as anything but do think of myself as pagan. Was put of by all the ritual stuff as I'm introvert and it just wasn't me but whenever you talk about your spirituality I feel on the same wavelength. Have gone no further with anything though as I too am scared of the mutters! Lol.