Monday, 8 March 2010

Another birthday

This time my son's 5th birthday, made all the more piquant by the fact that he finally weaned 3 days before his birthday, making it feel all the more like an end of an era and the start of a new one.

The birthday cake this year was an aeroplane, which was amazingly difficult!

And I made some felt tarts - my son's is the blue one and my daughter's (unbirthday present) is the pink one.

It was a lovely day seeing family and lots of good food, and the inevitable reminisces of the day my son was born, can it really be 5 years ago? My little boy is really growing up - though don't tell him that. He has decided he will not be getting any older than 5 and a quarter, so we'll just have to hope he changes his mind at some point during the coming year.


Carolyn said...

Fabulous cake!!! And love the felt tarts too!!!

Cave Mother said...

As Carolyn said.. and interested that your son weaned. So it does happen eventually! I wonder if we'll still be going when my baby's nearly five?!

bethnoir said...

wonderful cake! I hope Heath weaning hasn't made you feel too sad *hug*

Kristina said...

Both cake and tarts look incredible!

Maybe H's slow edging of the boundary of his age is his way of dealing with getting older? Maybe breaking it down in to shorter periods makes it less overwhelming?

Gina said...

Huge Happy Birthday Wishes from us. What an amazing cake!

Gina xx

Laura said...

Birthday wishes from us! Love the cake. X