Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring Equinox

So, another equinox and this was a good one despite the incessant drizzle. We dyed hard-boiled eggs using wet tissue paper:

We made Marble cake for it's equal darkness and light kind of qualities, plus it was very nice to eat!
And we had an equinox egg hunt, in which the children found these:

Plus of course much thinking of balance and the start of new projects. I had the image of an eagle in my equinox meditation which has given me much food for thought. I hope everyone else had as good a start to the summer!


Ruth said...

That looks awesome :o) Glad you all had fun equinox things to do. We must meet up soon - sorry to be rubbish at keeping in touch. Ruth

Jax said...

Like the marble cake idea! We had a good day too, planting things. Felt like a good thing to be doing.

Laura said...

I love how the eggs turned out! Lovely :)