Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Well, the equinox and, predictably, I am thinking about balance. Last night's Home Ed Group Adult Social Evening went really well and it was so nice to get out and about in the evening to chat to othert adults. I felt a part of my life which had been dormant for a while start to wake up again, which was nice.

But this morning I feel all cross and crotchety despite having the Not Back To School Picnic to look forward to later. This could be due to waking to a big tantrum from my son, who hardly ever has tantrums, about something silly, but really because he hadn't eaten breakfast. Well, apparently this is the rteason for my crotchets, but really I think it is the feeling of transition which is responsible for both my grumpiness and my son's. The wheel of the year is turning towards the winter and, while I'm looking forward to colder mornings and that crisp autumn feeling, I'm also nervous of the winter - it has such power over my mood that it's truly something to respect in a way I never feel about the summer.

Tuning into the feeling of transition in the season, there are also changes afoot in my personal life - my husband has an interview for a teaching job, the Home Ed Group is really taking off and becoming a large part of our lives ( leading me to worry if this is a good thing? Am I relying too much on one aspect of my life?), the Transition Group I'm involved in isn't going so well and I feel it's draining me to no good purpose (which is very disappointing), I've started writing a new novel (young adult this time) and feel quite positive about it.

After all this pointless musing, I'll leave you with a picture of our Equinox Biscuits (half dark, half light, get it?):


Joxy said...

Mmmm those buscuits do look yummy :)

Good luck with the novel :)

Elizabeth said...

Clever biscuits!!!

bethnoir said...

inspired biscuits! Are there vampires in the new novel?

Arlenkern74 said...

nice biscuits x

Carolyn said...

Yes, balance. So hard to balance the needs of everyone. Really interested in the transition town thing...shame that it isn't going as well as you hoped. I think that this is a time of year when everyone slows down..the zest and energy people have for new things and ideas in Spring is waning. Don't give up hope!
I think the biscuits are great too!!!