Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Octopuses and jam!

What an odd week we've had! Well, we've made *much* jam in the last few weeks, here's some of it:

And we've also made octopuses - or should that be octopi? Whatever, we've made them, out of wool of course!
And there has been much time spent in making dens as the weather has started to turn slightly cooler:

And we've had a slight finger-knitting craze. No pictures yet, but my daughter has really taken to it and it's suprisingly relaxing. Let's hope that calmness descends on our house with the autumn weather. I can't wait!

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bethnoir said...

dens are a wonderful thing aren't they? I just wish I could keep all the chairs required in the same part of the house as I keep having to carry them up and down the stairs for the 'perfect' den. Keeps them happy for hours though, so I don't complain.

I intend to make some chutney soon, some tomatoes ripened, but not all. Last time I found the problem was that no one wanted to eat it!