Monday, 2 March 2009

Spring hypermania!

As you may know, I suffer from moderately severe SAD and this winter I've found particularly trying as it's been so grey and cloudy and dull, and I haven't managed to get much time to sit in front of the light-box due to many domestic reasons. So, now that we've had 2 sunny days this spring, I'm really finding my mood hard to control. I almost find the winter grey, dull, flat depression easier to deal with as I know where I am with it, but now that we have an occasional sunny days interspersed with grey days my moods are up and then down and all over the place. As soon as the sun comes out I rush out and speed around the place feeling light of heart and kind of dizzily, stupidly high and can't achieve anything because I'm running around like a chicken with no head. Then the next day is invariable dull again and I just crash big-time - headaches, depression, inertia. It's kind of embarrassing being so unable to control my moods, like being a toddler. Roll on the proper spring.


bethnoir said...

hopefully soon the weather will be more consistent :-)

Carolyn said...