Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Equinox crafts

With the Spring Equinox coming up in the early morning of 20 March, the children and I have been starting our Equinox crafts.

So here is my daughter's Equinox bunnies:

And my son's:

And their sun pictures - my daughter's is at the bottom and is a 'great big summer sun', my son's it at the top and is, according to the artist 'the middle of the sun, swirling with hot gas'!

We have also been making daffodils out of egg boxes (of course!) but they're not finished yet, and we went to the Children's Farm this morning and saw the tiny lambs and little kids (goats, not children) as well as baby rabbits. It was great and lovely weather too.

On another note, am I the only person who regularly has cereal in the cupboard merely in its waxed plastic inner bag as the outer box has ben removed due to urgent craft need?


bethnoir said...

cute bunnies! No you're not alone. I actually bought a special container to keep cereal fresh as the need for boxes was outstripping how fast we could eat them

nocton4 said...

great crafts and yep hands up for the cereal box raiding here too xx