Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring Equinox

We've been out to a birthday party this morning and played in the sunshine which is a perfect way of celebrating, but yesterday we finished off our spring daffodils. We also made the vases to stand them in and they are now cheering up the children's bedrooms. These are my daughter's daffodils:

And these are my son's:

And I learned a lesson in how limited my thinking still is. For some crazy reason, I assumed we'd make yellow daffodils. After all, if you do this activity in school or nursery you'd put out yellow paper and yellow paint and everyone would do yellow daffodils. But of course, my children wanted to do their own kind of daffodils, which for my son meant red, blue and green daffodils and for my daughter meant mainly yellow, orange, red and pink. And it worked really well. And I felt really silly for literally not thinking of any colour except yellow! It does make me wonder if I'm missing something equally totally obvious in our everyday life because I'm just so used to thinking of things a certain way that I'm not seeing a different way.


Anonymous said...

Given that you responded to the requests for different colour paper, I'd say you're doing fine.

I'd have expected daffodils to be yellow too.

dottyspots said...

I hope you've had a wonderful Spring Equinox :0)

Elizabeth said...

It is wonderful to watch the freedom of choice they have--and believe me, it's contagious.