Monday, 12 January 2009

Bad HE Mum

I feel like I'm failing the children this week and it's not just the usual 'new year, new regime' kind of thing. I've been ill, seemingly constantly, since late November and instead of feeling better, I'm iller than ever. I'm not one to say I've got flu when I have a cold - in fact I've only ever had flu once in my life - but I'm starting to wonder if I've got it again now, at least a mild dose. I can't shake this cough, my chest is tight, my nose and sinuses are blocked, I'm feverish and achey, and just so damned tired all the time that I'm really finding it hard to pull out that energy the children require of me. I'm particularly upset that I can't read to them - usually we sit and read together a lot - but my throat is so sore and has been for over a week that I just can't right now. Just getting out all the craft things seems a huge effort right now. I'm feeling completely sorry for myself!


Shirl said...

Sorry to read you are feeling so unwell ... ;0(, hope you feel better very soon.

Joxy said...

Oh bless, it's horrid when you're ill and ill isn't it. I had constant illness Dec 2007 and it seemed to take weeks for me to feel normal again.

I'm sure you're doing all this, but drink plenty of fluids (perferably not carbonated as it bungs you up more) avoid dairy while sinuses are blocked and yucky (again bungs you up more), lots of green leafy and brightly colour fruits and vegs, keep red meat to a minimum as it takes a lot of energy to digest.

Try not to overdo it, I know its difficult with kiddies, but if possible do rest as much as you go to bed and sleep that is what your body is craving and if you fight it you'll just take longer to get better and rejuvenate.

Large doses of vit C can help too - although normally at the beginning of a cold/flu. To be effective you do need to take 4000g split into 2 doses per day for no more than 2 weeks. (I have this on good authority from a consultant I work with, and I do it myself and I do seem to recover very quickly from colds)

Feel better soon.

Joxy said...

ahhhh sorry 4000mg not grams! Eeek!


Liz said...

Thanks for your well-wishes. Yes, I am doing all the echinacea, vitamins, raw garlic, lots of liquids and fruit and veg stuff. I don;t normally get so ill. I think I really need to go to bed for about a week but sadly that's just not possible with 2 HE-ed kiddies running round, though they do try to be as helpful as they can. I am starting to feel that recovery may be possible today at least, so that's a step up from yesterday!

arwen_tiw said...

Just wanted to share some sympathy, though it's for different reasons I feel sometimes like I can't remember the last time I felt *well* and it's so frustrating!

Reading your last few weeks I don't think we can let you beat yourself up, you are very very far from being a "bad HE mum". (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here you've been so ill. I know how you feel. I've been ill like it since the end of october. It's been one cold after another with little recovery time in-between.

Being in my 3rd trimester hasn't helped either.

But this is no reason to call yourself a bad HE mum. If you're ill, you're ill. Beating yourself up about it will only get you down and make you feel worse.

I hope you are feeling well now and back to your old self.

Blessed Be