Sunday, 15 August 2010

Is it just me...

...or does anyone else feel a little bit uncomfortable about *celebrating* VJ (Victory in Japan) Day? I mean, I can understand celebrating the end of the war, and I know that many Japanese POWs were treated horrendously. But just remembering those 2 atomic bombs - Little Boy and Fat Man - that ended the war and their consequences for the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as for the world in general since, I can't help but think that celebrating this in any way is somewhat distasteful. Especially bearing in mind the questions that have since been raised about whether or not they were actually 'necessary' (putting aside general discussions on whether the use of atomic weapons can ever be deemed necessary).

As ever, no answers, just questions, doubts and points to raise.


Joxy said...

It's always easy to look back with hindsight and question decisions. They should not have been used, but they were - and yes, I agree to celebrate VJ day is distasteful... yes there was an end to the war, yes it's estimated it saved many many lives, inspite of death the bombs wrought.... but still the use of those bombs was a turning point in human history and not a good turning point either.

If anything it should be about honouring the people that died, and remembering the awful power of those bombs - and those who suffered and died years and years later because of the radiation :-(

How on earth can anyone celebrate such a shameful event?

Liz said...

You're right, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Decisions in war are never easy. I'm just very uncomfortable with VJ Day. Much more so than VE Day. Though I do think that any of these kinds of celebrations need to be turned much more clearly into remembering the dead and saying *never again*.

Joxy said...

There does need to be a more concerted rememberance of these events, I agree. Not just remembering our own dead, but the dead of other nations.

I always feel uncomfortable about "heroes" too. Men and women fight for their country and they do it bravely and do amazing things.. but oh, how I wish there wasn't a need for soldiers, for war and death.

Becky said...

I suppose I'd also be uncomfortable with anyone saying *never again*. Don't know about you but I can't believe that the human species as we are now will be in a position to say this with meaning for a very very long time. Sadly sadly sadly.

I don't think it should ever be about celebration. It should be about reflection. But sometimes we humans don't stand still long enough to reflect before some new atrocities are being committed, some new people killed.

Mon said...

yes i agree.

in croatia (neighbouring us) they celebrated on 5thAUg the day they forced Serbians out of their country. done with bloodshed and torture. but the world never got to hear about that because it didn't suit The Powers.

oops, rant. lol

but yeah, there are a lot of these celebrations around the world that are highly suspect.

Laura said...

I guess I haven't heard much about VJ day. I suppose celebrating the end of the war is very worth a celebration. But if we celebrated ever end of a wear, every victory, we would be too busy celebrating to accomplish anything, let alone winning another war.