Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It feels really good...

... to eat our own produce for tea! So far, we've had strawberries for pudding, a lasagne made with our own onions and our own courgettes, had roast potatoes which were our own potatoes with our own rosemary. I now have 2 strings of onions hanging up in the kitchen (although the first string is much depleted as we use onions so much. I think I'll have to plant even more next year now that I've worked out how to dry and store them properly!) and another lot of onions that I'm drying to dry out before I hang. Though the rain the last few days has somewhat scuppered me.

It has just been announced that our town is starting its own Transition Movement, which is great and something I had been hoping for. So, even though I am somewhat busy at the moment with setting up the Home Ed Group, doing my course, the allotment (not to mention the kids), I *have* to get involved. I totally think the Transition Towns things is a good idea, even though I'm not sure how exactly I can help. Maybe we'll become another Totnes with our own town 'money' and a plethora of locally-sourced food. Ah, I can dream!


Gina said...

Isn't that the best feeling!

I've been reading The Transition Handbook recently, so inspiring.

Great to be back online and catch up with your blog. Your article in The Mother was really, really interesting too.

Gina xxx

nocton4 said...

Wonderful news, have just got involved with the local transition group myself.
Love your articles in TM
Always inspiring xxx

Liz said...

Thanks, I'm glad you both enjoyed my article. It's also good to know other people are involved with Transition stuff, I went to the first meeting last night and will definitely be involved in ours. Exciting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Eating your own home-grown produce, now ain't that just the best you can get! Nothing quite beats that smug feeling you get when you tuck into something that you've nurtured so lovingly as it grew. My onions really need lifting now but I'm really not sure how I'm going to get them to dry out with all this rain!

We've recently been learning a bit about Transition towns as DH has suddenly become aware of the peak oil issue (finally!) and is a bit more keen to actively reduce energy consumption than he was before. It would be fantastic to get involved with a community project like that. Keep us posted on the progress!

I also enjoyed your article in TM. Anything about HSP is very relevent to us. I firmly believe that it is at the route of DD1's struggles and to quite an extent mine too. I was especially pleased to find "ways to help a HSP" included in the article. The first I ever heard about HSPs was in a magazine article quite a few years ago and although it was very informative when it came to spotting a HSP it didn't give any clues as to what to do or how to deal with it. I've had to work most of it out for myself but your point about not changing plans once they've been made struck a chord. I can't believe I've not taken note of that one before as DD becomes very upset if we announce a change of plan. Even something as simple as deciding to walk along the beach in a different direction to what was originally discussed can trigger a scene!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowlege:)