Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I wish I could fly!

Rushing to my daughter as she wailed with distress today, I wondered what could be wrong. 'What's the matter?' I asked, worried.
'Why can't I fly, Mummy?' she asked, quite seriously. 'I've tried and tried. I've flapped and tried a parachute but I still can't fly!'
I felt awful as I had to explain to her that people can't fly without hang-gliders, planes, hot-air balloons etc.. It reminded me how small she still is really, even though at 5, almost 6 she sometimes seems so grown-up!

Happy New Year everyone!


Lucie said...

Awww, I always wanted to fly as well. I just hope she doesnt do what I did and launch herself off the top of the stairs in an attempt to become airbourne!!

Jax said...

Happy New Year

Carolyn said...

Happy New Year to you all. Love the solstice crafts btw...feel i need to have a go and make some belated ones!!
Would like some reccomendations, Liz for some Pagan festival books..feeling a new phase coming in my life and I need your guidance!

Shirl said...

Awwww, how sweet. Happy New Year.

Laura said...

Happy new year! x

bethnoir said...

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you good health and happiness in 2009.