Monday, 28 February 2011

Serious planning

So, it's March tomorrow and we are into some serious planning for our future life, but it's all so difficult. Why is something so simple that we want to do so bloody difficult? We are very lucky in that we both own property (well, part-own it with ex-partners and the bank!) and so we have capital we can invest in our plans - except - that we can't actually get at the capital without selling our home out from underneath ourselves without anywhere else to go! If it was just the 2 of us adults, I'd have no hesitation doing this, but there are all our children to consider, plus we need constant access to a workshop so we can be making the things which will form the basis of our future income. And so the whole thing gets more and more complicated, as we research more and more outlandish ways of getting our hands on the cash or of bridging the homeless gap. And all that is without the difficulty of trying to find a suitable plot of land of the right size and composition, in the right place, at a vaguely suitable price, and at the right time.

It would be easy to despair and just carry on with the same old jobs/mortgage/small house in a town grind as everything else just seems so hard, but we won't let go of this. There *must* be a way, we just need to find it. I won't be made to live in a way which feels increasingly alien to me when we could have our own land and live our own way.

We're planning a trip to a local(ish) Sustainability Centre to get some ideas and some practical inspiration in the near future, and in the meantime, the building of our first yurt continues apace. the crown/wheel is now pretty much finished and looking great. We have collected over half the poles we need, we have acquired an old-fashioned, heavy-duty, hand-cranked sewing machine for sewing the canvas, so I suppose we are making slow, small progress. Watch this space.


Carolyn said...

I know what you mean. Why is so hard to live the simple life? To live as we wish with fresh air and space around us? I have looked into this many times but always come across so many hurdles that I alone cannot hope to get over. At least you both have the same goal and with your enthusiasm and determination, I am sure you will succeed xx

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Just catching on on your blog - so many exciting things happening. Sending lots of blessings on your new plans. Hold on to your dreams sounds a bit cliched, but,I believe that with love at the centre -all things are possible.

Leddy Landers said...

Your goals are more important than ever right now - the world being what it is. We all kind of trapped ourselves when we bought into the "go struggle for a living so you can pay someone to grow your food" way of life. How much better for those of us wanting out if we had simply grown our food and built our homes instead of borrowing to acquire all this typical clap-trap. You can do it. Your yurt is interesting. Have you looked at earth bag construction at all? I'm rooting for you!