Thursday, 31 July 2008


Well, despite the odd sticky weather followed by the rain, we have been celebrating Lammas today. For those who may not know, this is a modern Pagan festival, deriving from the Anglo-saxon 'loaf-mass' festival celebrating the first of the grain harvest. Now, we haven't been growing any grain sadly, but we have been harvesting more of our own crop, so this year it has had a real significance for us, more so than in previous years.

So, we have baked a traditional Lammas loaf, which I have to say I was quite impressed with, if I do say so myself! Here it is:

We also did some Lammas pictures - of wheat, bread, flour and other appropriate items and then wrote some Lammas poems. This was my daughter's poem:

Harvest Grain Makes Bread

Oh, harvesting wheat makes flour,
Flour makes bread,
We eat bread.
More and more wheat is harvested
With a combine harvester
And ground into flour.
Flour makes bread,
We eat it in the morning
And in the evening too.
Sometimes it's fun to eat it at teatime.

And this was my son's (I'm not sure he quite got the whole Lammas theme!):

If Somebody Wants To Sit At Teatime

If somebody wants to drive a car,
If somebody wants to have a break,
If somebody wants to colour, just get the crayons.
If somebody wants the pens, just draw with them.

All in all a creative day. I'll have to check if there are any flour mills near enough to us to visit for next year.


Little Grubs said...

Hi Liz - you certainly have every right to be impressed with that loaf of bread - it's fantastic!

bethnoir said...

very creative cookery and poetry, Happy Lammas Day!

nocton4 said...

Fab bread.
Happy Lammas to you all
Huge Blessings

Laura said...

Happy Lammas to you ande your family. Lovely poems and that loaf looks fantastic! We're going to have a go at baking some bread later.

arwen_tiw said...

So beautiful - it certainly inspired us to do some baking today too. We really enjoyed having a go at our own sheaf loaf! Thankyou for bringing me that reminder to be thankful today. :)